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Sep 1 '14 at 6:29

Bill Wardhaugh

Sale Racecourse

Bill Wardhaugh
We are regular visitors (buyers) from Swindon, who have always enjoyed your carboot sales. We do miss Grey's food stall - we loved their breakfasts. We understand there was going to be a move to the new site due to the racecourse upgrades which has happened now. The new site is fine, but after hearing many people chatting, we would like to confirm a few things.... Toilets near the entrance are needed, especially when one arrives, it's good to use them them start the journey around the site - instead of having to look for them at the back, then start viewing/buying in the middle of the site. I did suggest it to an official, who was not really interested. The other hassle was the lack of signage/directions. No one knew where they were to go for the new site. We do hope it all gets better as time goes by. Bye for now, Bill