sue mallinen
Lakeside Casino and R.V. Park Lakeside Casino and R.V. Park
Pahrump, Nevada
"sue mallinen"
RUDE BARTENDER-after playing slots for an hour I asked the bartender for a cup of coffee, she said" I will this time but don't ever ask me or anyone else for another one". Then theres the gas station-I go up at 7:30 am because I'm out of propane and the guy says "at 10 am." 2 guys on and no one can get me propane? Then theres the security that drives around in circles every 3-5 am at least 7 times-4 of those times stopping in front of my rig with her lights shinning in my bedroom window waking me up. Then theres all the ants invading my rig, all the pine cones that I twisted my ankles on every day. NO there are other rv parks-other places to get gas and propane-other casinos- I won't be back-sorry!!