Danny DiNero
PT's Pub - North Nellis PT's Pub - North Nellis
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Danny DiNero"
Me and a Coworker decided to try this PT's because it was near the work place. Great pool tables. Friendly bartender. But, it went downhill once I started ordering drinks... I had a STONE IPA didn't even get to FINISH because 1/2 way downing the glass I find a cockroach inside of my glass. I quickly alert the bartender. She says sorry. Would you like another? I said no. Then charges me for the 30 mins of pool I played. You would think after I spent $100 on the slot machines. Didn't even get to enjoy my drinking experience that common courtesy you DON'T charge me $2.50 for a game of pool. Needless to say I won't ever be back to that PT's. She even admitted to that location having a BUG problem. So beware when ordering your drinks.