Leza Seagraves
Oaks Card Club
Emeryville, California
"Leza Seagraves"
This is a club that fits almost any type of person looking to enjoy gaming. The hofbrau is filled with a wonderful variety of foods, and the people that serve you, are most hospitable. The chip girls are friendly and helpful in any way they can be, with always a sense of humor put into their conversation. The bar is fully stocked, and the bartender is well acquainted with whatever drink, from whatever part of the world you'd like ! The man over see's all, and makes sure all is going correctly is fair and honest, 24-7 days a week-count on it ! As the hours fly bye, the conversation is spinning, the drinks are just as you'd want them to be, and the time has come for you to leave, you will leave with a smile and a larger sized wallet, and the feeling of pleasure spent at The Oaks Club. 11/17/14'