Amy Palmer
Terrible's Gold Ranch Casino & RV Resort Terrible's Gold Ranch Casino & RV Resort
Verdi, Nevada
"Amy Palmer"
9/3/15 The bathroom stop we made inside Gold Ranch in Verdi was successful. Nice, clean restrooms. After visiting the facilities, our trio walked around a little bit and found a giant teddy bear: awesome. There was a young man conducting some sort of player's club game over a loudspeaker as he walked around. He was good-looking and really enthusiastic about whatever loyalty game they were playing. Most of the rest of the people we saw were much less enthusiastic and sat expressionlessly staring at screens while pushing buttons with cigarettes in hand. A sports bar sat off the front gambling room and looked a little more lively and happy than the area we first walked into. We didn't stay long, didn't even have a drink, but it was a cool stop. I like small casinos like this place - they're all unique in their own way - and it's a huge plus when they're convenient and bathrooms are clean.