Allanna Sonstegaard
Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel and Gaming Complex Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel and Gaming Complex
Deadwood, South Dakota
"Allanna Sonstegaard"
if I could give 0 stars I would there was a COKROACH in the bathroom of the hotel room plus a big bug on the wal above the bed and the manager and everyone else working there were just horrible, rude, and lazy I left my key in the room locking myself out and I had to go across the street just to have the lady tell me my dad needs to go show her his I'd just to unlock my door which when my dad did she told him "really you want me to do that" just so she could sit there on her but she made my dad walk back unlock the door then walk and return the key my brother in law has a service dog and when the reservations were made the woman on the phone said it was just fine for the dog to come stay too but when we got to the hotel there was man at the front desk and told my sister they couldn't have his service dog and they had to find somewhere else to stay very very horible hotel never stay there unless you like gross bugs and horrible service!!