John T
Harrah's Metropolis Casino Harrah's Metropolis Casino
Metropolis, Illinois
"John T"
I have been to this casino & hotel a couple of times and I find both to be greedy and dishonest. Last year I stayed at the hotel and the rate online became something more at check in, and then they added another $11 at checkout. Recently I stayed there again, and again they did the same thing. What was supposed to be $53 for a Thursday night turned out to be $76. As far as the slot machines go in the casino, you would be better off getting held up at gunpoint, at least you would get a rush out of that. I find it hard to believe their machines use a random number generator, because every machine I played starts off going 20, 30 even 50 spins and doesn't give one credit back. How is it that every machine is like that, no matter if it's quarters or dollar machines? Last year it was the exact same thing. I will never set foot in that place and I will make sure to get the word out.