Tara Petersen
Silverado Casino Silverado Casino
Fernley, Nevada
"Tara Petersen"
This place is AWFUL we stayed in Fernley, NV last night and decided to do a little gambling! When we sat down to have a drink the blonde tattooed bar tender was to busy talking to her friends to even glance over at us, after about 15 min I walked to the other end of the bar to ask her for drinks and she was very rude and arrogant (making me feel as if I interrupted her conversation) Really are you at work right now or am I an A hole. After finally getting our drinks we needed some change to give her a tip, again we waited another 10 min. before walking around the bar for the second time to ask her for change. I politely tipped her well after paying $8 for 2 shots of Stolichnia. The gabling was horrible the bar service was atrocious and I would NEVER visit this place again! Just go to Reno DO NOT stop here!