Dian Primm
Cherokee Casino - Sallisaw Cherokee Casino - Sallisaw
Sallisaw, Oklahoma
"Dian Primm"
I'm not very satisfied at Cherokee Casino in Sallisaw anymore. It seems like they rig the machines so you can't win any money on the machines. I see security and some of the employees go in a small room a lot. I think they are fixing the machines so they don't pay off. Some of the workers including security go up to some people playing the machines and talk to them. I think they may only talk to people they know. I am a frequent quest and should be talked to and spoken too. It seems like they just look over me. Someone was going into the security guards room on the left one evening and he acted sort of snobby. The main security guard wasn't in his room that day either. They won't hardly let you win at all. A few months ago, a few Indian employees kept coming around my machine acting like they were picking up. There wasn't anything to pick up. I think they are watching your machine to see if you are winning and seeing how much money you put in the machine. That irritates me and I think I am going to stay away from all the Cherokee casinos.