David Myers
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"David Myers"
Mixed bag, 5 stars on delivery and price and selection......But ZERO stars on customer service. Let me explain: I must have ordered (over the internet) at least a dozen times in the last couple years from B-21, typically on the 21st of the month when you get free shipping for full cases. On March 21st 2015 I attempted to order a mixed case of wine: 11 x 750m bottles and a 1.5 L bottle. The order was well over the $150 minimum purchase for free shipping, but the website kept adding $24 for shipping. I ordered anyways and sent an email to customer service requesting a refund of the shipping charges. What I got back was a very brusque reply from their "Director of Operations" telling me my order was cancelled because large format bottles were excluded, and a "please see the attached policy" (you dumb ding dong being implied). OK, so I have no problem if the policy states that clearly and unequivocally, but therein lies the problem: Other than the guy's email where he tells me large format bottles are excluded, THERE IS NOWHERE ELSE that states it. Even the link (which he obviously didn't even read) does not state it. When I politely point this out to the guy (Justin Hammer is his name BTW) and ask him if he read his own policy link and was aware that the large format exclusion was not described therein, I got no reply. 2nd request, no reply. 3rd request, no reply. I mean, look, I'm a big boy, if I missed something I missed it. Too bad so sad. But at least I'll admit when I make a mistake and apologize and try to make it right. A few years ago when Gary Vaynerchuk was running Wine Library and they messed up an order, you know what he did? Shipped all the rest of my orders for free for a full year, that's what he did. Earned my undying loyalty to that company until long after he left, too. Now I am not saying that's what I expected here, but with the myriad of choices for internet wine out there (I order regularly from Bottle King, Canal's, Flemington's, Wine Exchange, and Gary's to name a few) I would think the proverbial cold shoulder treatment would not be the route I'd choose if I were calling the shots.