Louis DeMaioribus
New York-New York Hotel & Casino New York-New York Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Louis DeMaioribus"
Our suite was awesome but the service was sketchy with us trying to check right at check in time at 3pm. First we were told our room wasn't ready and they needed 40 minutes for housekeeping to finish cleaning our room. We were told we would receive a text when it was ready and were thrown a bone by them waiving our $39 resort fee . An hour later, after still no text, we returned to the desk and we're told it would be an additional 30 minutes. To make things worse, when we were waiting, our bar tender said "You know why they do that, right?", implying it was to get us to spend money at their bars or games. Then, when walking through the casino, we were stuck walking behind 2 VERY slow moving security guards that were F bombing it up silly. I'm not someone to get offended by that, but what if I was?