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Isleta Resort & Casino Isleta Resort & Casino
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Surprising I was astonished to get the 5 star treatment and overall attentiveness not just from one facet of the casino or hotel but each and every employee I encountered. Either Isleta has an amazing customer service training program or they have cornered the towns best of the best people in Albuquerque. Being a local Isleta Hotel and Casino has the best sense of comfort and I always feel welcome and appreciated. More often than not, quality people skills is less to be enforced and helping others to enjoy themselves and captivate the best memories possible just isnt a priority being or put emphasis on in this day and age and more often thsn not I leave an establishment feeling perhaps ive overstayed my stay. Not at Isleta. From the hotel to the Casino, Isleta performed top notch, one on one service eager and accommodating, and felt naturally from their hearts, not their wallets. Thanks everybody