John Filshie
Parklands Racing Centre
Southport, Queensland
"John Filshie"
First impression of the hotel was that it looked very nice from the outside with a smart reception and bar/restaurant area. The room was an even number on the first floor which looked onto the swimming pool situated 10 feet away, this was separated by a foot path that residents and locals could use for access to the leisure facilities. Unfortunately it also meant a direct view into our room and absolutely no privacy unless the blackout curtains were drawn. To top it off it there was no aircon in the room and it was over 20°C outside, we couldn't leave the window open when we left the room for security and at night it had to be left on the security latch, which meant the room was extremely warm and uncomfortable during our stay. The room was clean and the bed comfortable however with the heat that wasn't enough to enjoy a good night's sleep. We then headed to the pool and spa area. The floors in the changing rooms of the swimming area (which were also shares but the gym) were covered in dirt from outdoor shoes. The jacuzzi area at the top of the pool is surrounded by mould on all the of the grout, the wallpaper is peeling off the wall in chunks and on the whole the area was not in keeping with the rest of the hotel. Walking a little bit further we entered the sauna, the door seal was hanging off which prevented any heat build up so we moved onto the steam room. The inside of the steam room again had a lot of mould on the grout, looked dirty and felt very unhygienic. The whole setup was ridiculous considering this is allegedly a four star hotel!! Taking all this into account and with dinner time approaching we took a walk around the Wexford area in search of a restaurant, with not a lot of choice we returned to the hotel thinking at least the restaurant area looked nice and surely that would couldn't be as bad.....we were completely wrong!!! The restaurant was quiet when we went in and we were seated without fuss. We ordered our starters and mains only for the waitress to return a short time later to tell us that my girlfriend's starter of spring rolls was no longer available so she ordered soup instead. The starters arrived and my girlfriend mentioned to me that her soup had a taste of washing up liquid to it, I tried it and there was definitely a slight taste of this, ironically the waitress had said when serving it that she had heard good things about it tonight....I never got a chance to clarify exactly what that was. To top it off 10 minutes after finishing our starters (well I finished my chicken wings which were tasty and the highlight of the whole meal) a table nearby was served spring rolls. Not wanting to complain at the start of the meal we waited on the mains, medium fillet steak and the pork belly (as recommended by the waitress). Both of which took time to arrive and were extremely dry, the pork contained lots of fat and was burnt. The portions were of a good size but for the price the quality was ridiculous, I would hate to think that the regular chef was in the kitchen and if he\she was I would be checking their CV. The icing on the cake was ordering dessert and having to wait 40 minutes for to arrive, unfortunately it wasn't because they were making the cheesecake from scratch. We were literally about to walk out as it came through from the kitchen and in keeping with the theme it wasn't worth the wait. What was even more frustrating was that another table of 4 who had ordered dessert after us were served before us. The staff were very polite and well spoken however that is the end of any positives, I wouldn't go back even for a free meal. After such a great experience on our arrival instead of going for breakfast the following morning and a dip in the pool we just decided to check out and eat nearby in the local cafe where we definitely got more value for money. I definitely recommend considering other options if you are looking to stay or eat the area, The Millrace is very pretty on the outside but it's definitely what's underneath that let's it down badly!!