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We recently had quite the experience at your Wyndham Nassau Resort in Nassau Bahamas. Went onto the Wyndham web site to leave feedback, but it only allowed me 450 words which is far too few to even begin to explain our horrible experience. I do find it quite interesting that there is no actual contact e-mail on the site, but I am sure I have now figured out why. Let me just begin by saying we booked this hotel in early October, deciding to be away for Christmas for the first time ever. We were all so excited! We booked a "beautifully" pictured two bedroom penthouse at the resort from December 20-27th. Upon our arrival we were put in a one bedroom penthouse that was just very mediocre! This was after we were led around by a bellboy to two different floors and several different hallways, with about 10 pieces of luggage. After numerous phone calls and over an hour of waiting we were finally led to a two bedroom penthouse. We were initially excited, only to realize that the temperature in the "penthouse was 89 degrees, and the air conditioner was not working at all. Once again we called down to the front desk, and once again we waited and waited for our air to be fixed. A maintenance man finally arrived and said within a few minutes it will start to cool, needless to say that never happened. After a long day of travel one of my daughters wanted to wash her face and brush her teeth......but low and behold there was no water in the bathroom sink or shower. Again we call down, and the response we received this time was almost she told us "the water is on it's way up"! Frustrated beyond belief at that point I called the front desk once more and asked a manager to come to the room. Again after another long wait and the first 3 hours of our family vacation wasted, a manager appeared at the door. She was very calm and not surprise one bit by any of the above mentioned issues. She asked me what she could do to make this better. We said put us in another penthouse suite, because at $765.00 per night this wasn't working for us! At that time she said that was all they had available. She then however told us that Wyndham was linked with the Sheraton right next door and that there was availability. So now with our afternoon wasted we were moving to another hotel, and not a single bellman helped us do it! Whenever I used to hear the name Wyndham I had always associated it with a classy, luxury hotel where service was given with a smile and an automatic amenity, I will never again think or believe that and I will sure let everyone I know how horrible our experience was. I will sure hope that this email receives some type of response and that it will be forwarded to upper management within your company. Who know that department is probably overwhelmed with emails just like this and it may be years if ever I receive a response.