Jennifer Ocasio-Gonzalez
Holiday Inn SunSpree Aruba Resort & Excelsior Casino Holiday Inn SunSpree Aruba Resort & Excelsior Casino
Palm Beach
"Jennifer Ocasio-Gonzalez"
The stay was nice. The hotel was pretty great. Service was awesome. View was amazing. BUT the store downstairs ruined the experience of my last day. "Van Dorp" was the name on the receipt. The lady there told me I wasn't owed any change from a purchase I made, and I was so confused because I knew I was. The amount was small, about 2 US Dollars, but it was the principal that was bugging me. Who was she to decide what I did with my change? So I went and asked a man in the lobby that was helping people. He was kind and got someone to come into the store to translate because she acted like she didn't speak anything but Portuguese. Long story short, she said I was lying and she didn't remember me. Thank goodness I had the time stamped receipt showing I was there about 4 minutes earlier. She gave me the change, and I gave it as tip to another worker from the hotel. Holiday Inn should pay attention to stuff like this that is going on within the hotel, even if its a 3rd party store...