Jim Johnson
Desert Diamond Casino Desert Diamond Casino
Why, Arizona
"Jim Johnson"
Since it is a casino, you would expect that the food pricing is reasonable, which it is. When it comes to service in the grill, however, the fact that the price of the food is reasonable doesn't mean much. On one occasion when I ordered breakfast, the person handling the 4 sausage links with a spatula, taking them from the grill and then walking with them to put them on a plate, dropped two of them on the floor. Since my order was already delayed due to the poor organization and effectiveness of the operation, I made it clear that I was unhappy about the situation. Several weeks later when I again stopped in for breakfast, the service crew made it clear that they remembered me. My order was delayed and the two orders that were placed after mine were completed before mine, and when I asked for an extra plate, I got a surly response. So, while some people may believe the idea that disgruntled restaurant workers will spit in your food is a myth, since I know that that is, in fact, true, I'll just bide my time until the staff changes there before I risk eating there again.