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May 24 '15 at 16:34

Michelle Zhebrun

Michelle Zhebrun
STAY AWAY FROM CARNIVAL... This is what I have written to their corporate office, let's see if they even respond!! Cruise Line: Carnival Cruise Lines Cruise Ship: Carnival Victory Destination: Caribbean I am on the ship now and need to express how unhappy I am. 1. I woke up in the middle of the night because my cabin smelled like there was a fire. I ran out to guest services in around 4am to inform them. Guest services explained they did indeed smell the same odor, but had no idea where it was coming from. I could not sleep the entire night thinking there might be an emergency so I needed to be ready to run for evacuation. The entire floor smelled of an electrical fire. I signed up for internet service again just to be able to express my discomfort to you all in corporate. 2.I have paid $16 twice for Wi-Fi that does not in any way work in my cabin. Again, this is very uncomfortable for me since I need to use the internet for work purposes and cannot concentrate on the top decks. 3.There has been multiple people vomiting on this ship which makes me not even want to eat on board. 4.The bubbles package is a terribly planned out option on Carnival. People have to wait in huge unruly bars just to get a soda. Why wouldn't you have the soda machines like on every other ship? Simply annoying! 5.Carnival has allowed guests to bring their own ridiculously huge and loud speaker aboard. I have not had one chance to enjoy peace and quiet since the only thing I have heard has been disgusting rap music on every floor of this ship. 6.I was sitting in a corner near the children's club last night. I thought you should know they were playing rap music with extremely fowl language. I would never feel safe bringing my child on this ship. There were men of legal age hanging around the under aged girls at the kids club. Is there no supervision? 7. There has been construction work on this ship during my entire trip. It is so loud & I cannot escape it. I do not like my experience on Carnival, I am hungry, cannot sleep, and am forced to be miserable all the way home on this entire sea day. I was on Royal Caribbean a few months back and did not experience any discomfort at all. I feel ripped off of an enjoyable vacation. Thank you for your time. PART 2: I am so upset and the ship will not transfer me via phone to corporate so I could inform you all what just happened to me. I checked in online and added my credit card (Amex). Then when it was time to pick up my sign & sail card I asked the representative to please change my card on file because I did not want to use my AMex. She told me not to worry that the only charge on my card would be a $100 deposit and that on the night before I leave the ship someone would leave a detailed bill under my door and then at that time I could change the card. Needless to say, EVERYTHING was charged on my card!!! I went to guest services and tried to use my Amex gift card to pay the balance so that it would not post on my credit card. They would not accept my AMEX gift card!! I am trying to have good standing on my credit status by not exceeding a certain amount on each card. I was lied to continuously about how payments work with the sign and sail. This is terrible, I cannot believe this. Your employee should have allowed me to change the card on file when I asked her to do it. Just because the line was long and they wanted to get to the next guest is not enough of a reason to mess with my livelihood. The worst part is that guest services cannot even look up the name of the representative who checked me in!!! I am so upset and have already written to you about my on board experience with the terrible service I have received. I will most likely write reviews about my experience on every website I find and also pass on my experience via word of mouth to everyone in sight from here on. I am so upset I cannot even express it well enough right now. I HATE THIS CRUISE LINE, I WILL NEVER BOOK AGAIN! THEY TREAT PEOPLE LIKE CRAP!