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Jun 14 '16 at 2:38

Norma Loers

Norma Loers
Played in Casino Dealers were very rude,It was my first time and they made me feel so unwelcome.Mentioned this to an elderly man that was watching table and he said "They worked all day and are tired" then walked away I asked where is Manager and was told that was him..Decided to try another table and same attitude from dealer.. I was snapped at several times because I didn't know the rules and explained "I didn't know you couldn't touch cards with both hands or that you couldn't answer phone or that at one table you can touch cards at another you can't ..until the last table I played and a new lady was dealing think her name was Jo..She was the first and only employee in Casino to smile at me and try to tell me the rules.Started to play more but was yelled at for the 5 th time by a floor manager for trying to cut through an area to cashier for money..I will never return to this Casino again.Employees really need a training in how to treat public