Teri Wittig
Humboldt County Fairgrounds
Ferndale, California
"Teri Wittig"
UPDATE: After informing the manager what happened he apologized profusely for their behavior. Apparently they're new and they just got rid of " the camp host from hell". He was very upset and said he would be discussing it with them immediately. The upside:The only reason I gave them 2 stars is because of a great location, everything is fairly close so its a good spot to operate out of. Easy parking even with a large RV. And fairly affordable at $10.00 no hook ups and $25.00 Full hook ups. There is a dump station and showers included with the price. The downside: The hosts are the rudest most wishy washy people I have ever met. The lady was polite when we first checked in, which includes filling out a registration form with ALL your identifying info, but then things changed. They have a 3 day dry camp policy and the weather was terrible so we wanted to just stay put a couple of extra days. When my husband approached the camp host he apologized for disturbing him ( he answered the door in just pants so he'd been obviously busy), the man replied ( and I kid you not) "well you are, so hurry up". After asking he said it was fine to stay and that we would have to pay the main office before we left because he could only accept cash not a credit card. I will give him credit, he saw my husband outside the next day and did come over and apologize. We planned to leave Tuesday morning (after the office opened so we could pay of course.) While we were preparing things Monday night (those of you that RV know it can be a time eater to get ready to go after being in one place for a week or more) the lady came over and told my husband that he didn't pay. He explained that we were just getting ready for the mornings departure and would of course pay before we left. She replied " how do we know if you're just going to take off in the middle of the night"? That's right those words actually left her mouth among several other rude comments. My husband said well that would be an awful thing to do she said pointedly "yes it would". When my husband pointed out that we would be idiots to even attempt that because they have ALL our information including vehicle description, license number ect..and would be stopped before even hitting the city limits. With no response she stomped off. My husband went to the office to pay and let the manager know what had transpired. Thankfully the manager was still there after hours.