Robert Davies
The Cromwell The Cromwell
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Robert Davies"
A very nicely refurbished hotel, that was very expensive to refurbish (not sure why they didn't tear the place down and start again?). It has that boutique feel to the place. But I really think value for money, this place is poor. I fail to understand what exactly this resort fee covers, apart from the Wi-Fi, which limits you to 2 devices per day, which is a JOKE!!! So if I book a twin Queen Room, with occupancy of 4 people, we can only have 2 devices per 4 people? They will say it covers the breakfast, the pool, the fitness center, free local calls... Who uses the hotel telephone these days to make an outgoing call any way? The pool is open to the public I believe, and they don't have to pay to use it. Why should I, as a hotel guest? Why are there tip envelops for the housekeepers???? Do you not pay them???? Why should they resort to have BEG for money from the guests, with tip envelopes???? We are paying $250 a night to stay here, with a resort fee, can you not afford to pay your housekeepers? IT IS a form of begging. As I am paying a resort fee, in a luxury hotel, I expect to be able to use the ice machine when I feel like it. I don't want to have to ask someone to go get me ice, and wait half an hour for someone to come by. The ice machine is locked away. I asked a lovely staff member, and he had no idea why it was locked away, I mentioned that he should bring it up with management, and he said management would not even have an answer!!! It would make sense to stop the hobos coming off the streets and helping themselves, but the fact that you have to have a room key to use the lifts to access the rooms, it doesn't make sense, and the free help yourself tea and coffee is there, open for anyone. Why should it be just hot drinks? Why not a cold water station? A juice station? It's July, middle of the summer, in a desert, and they don't have ice, or a cold drink station, just a hot drink station, in the middle of a desert? Who thought having only a hot drinks station in the middle of a desert, with no public access to an ice machine, in a luxurious hotel should be sacked... If I can stay at Motel 6, for $40 a night, with an ice machine that is open for everyone, why can't Cromwell????????????? The American breakfast is nothing fantastic, after a day or two, it starts tasting pretty bad. I can't believe it takes so long for them to deliver the breakfast, usually an hour... And when you get the breakfast, where do you sit? I was with my dad, and he was a bit of fuss pot about that. And if you have 4 people staying in the room, 2 of them don't get breakfast, what is with that??? The minibar and the toiletries were outrageously priced. $7 for a small box of Twix? You can go to CVS downstairs, and pay $4 for a LARGE BAG of Twix. Yes the bathroom mirror is two way, but only under certain, difficult lighting conditions. It happened once out of 5 days of staying here. The TV is a nice large one, but it's really slow changing channels, and if you want the EPG, that is really slow, as it uses the hotel's own EPG, so they can try and sell you stuff through it. Often the EPG doesn't work, so you have to turn off and on for the TV's EPG (and the TV itself) to work. It would be easier if you just used a normal EPG... The rooms are actually quite dark in the daytime, even with the lights on. It's a shame the balcony door doesn't open. They should speak to the local authorities about getting a traffic light at the left turn into the parking garage, because you can wait so long in the car, to wait for the traffic to dissipate enough to cross the road safely in the car, into the garage. I am afraid I cannot recommend this hotel. It's poor value for money. The Downtown Ground offers similar standard of accommodation for a third of the price. I would like a proper response to this constructive review, either publicly, or privately, not just "oh sorry you didn't find our facilities better, we will try harder next time".... I ran out of space to write the positives. Sorry. :(