Bill Spangler
Hollywood Casino - Joliet Hollywood Casino - Joliet
Joliet, Illinois
"Bill Spangler"
I am a celebrity card member for two years. I used to visit weekly. Then monthly but no more. I go to casinos across the country and know slots well. This place has changed and the slots just take your money now and cards are stacked against you bad. You can win but it is very rare now days. I used to visit weekly and spent 30,000 just last year here alone. Used to be a fun place. I don't mind losing in the end but I expect fair play and not to be ripped off by them changing the R.N.G. chip out on machines. I have seen this done several times. That will lose good customers that know the games. Beware and I do not recommend this place anymore. I know people will say it's a casino. Just saying from my experience here compared to some others. This one has turned to one of the worse in my opinion. Good luck...