Madje Allawi
Ho-Chunk Gaming Wisconsin Dells Ho-Chunk Gaming Wisconsin Dells
Baraboo, Wisconsin
"Madje Allawi"
I come here after a vision I had. A vision of the great winged spirit. The spirit resembeled and eagle and also the sun with the face of Bronson Koenig. He said to me great fortune awaits you at the Ho Chunk. I journied for many moons to reach the Ho Chunk and while inside I looked for chief Squanto from my vision. I called out for him "Heyy ya heeyy ya heeyyy ya." No response. I was then thrown out but while journying home a bald eagle flew over head and dropped a feather for me. I picked it up and it then hailed for an hour. Overall casino very flashy and pretty, but vision did not come true.