Francis Chang
Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel
Niagara Falls, New York
"Francis Chang"
Family was visiting Niagara Falls from out of town and wanted to try the Thunder Falls Buffet here since it was crab night Dinner is normally $29, on Tuesdays it is $31 because of the crab legs. Mondays and Fridays also have special pricing. If you have a Seneca Casino members card, you + 1 guest can get $2 off the buffet. The seating space itself isn't the largest, but is very wide and open. They have different types of cuisines along the outer border. I tried a bit of the things here and there and for the most part they were pretty good. The bbq chicken was very dry and tasted weird so I would definitely avoid that in the future. The Asian foods were pretty delicious, can't really go wrong with that. The best though was the crab legs. When you go to the buffet, they serve you 2 sets of crab legs at a time. They also have clarified butter and corn on the cob if you want as well. The crab was very sweet and fresh. I definitely pigged out on crab that night and don't regret a bit of it. The only reason I would come back in the future would be the crab legs.!