No Way
Grand Casino Hinckley Grand Casino Hinckley
Hinckley, Minnesota
"No Way"
Customer service is a joke here folks. I understand in the casino industry, the customer loses money most of the time and that is to be expected. What is unexpected is the rudeness, carelessness, and crass way they treat the customer. From the restaurants to the hotels, to the table dealers, nothing but disrespectfully, slow, lazy, and rude service. They don't care that you're spending money, or even how much, unless you're one of their 'whales' you are ignored. The rudest of all were actually the 'customer service' desk people. Such a hard job, sitting on your butt all day, making players club cards, fulfilling promotions (which they take forever on and always run out) and answering customer questions. Don't waste your time here.Or your money.