Jeffrey Horn
Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Jeffrey Horn"
Upon arrival the check-in line seemed about 2 hours long but only took 40 minutes to get through which was a relief. A very nice looking hotel and the only common area that gets too packed with people is the pool. After 12 noon it's starts getting shoulder to shoulder in the whole beach area which is frustrating. Do all of your swimming in the morning while most people are still sleeping. Coffee is not included in the room charge! Plan on buying some at high prices. $4 for one small cup if you want it right in the room or $4 for coffee with free refills in a cafe by the Cardio center in the lobby. Uber and Lyft drivers are everywhere and super quick to show up once called. It's cheap compared to a Taxi and made getting around the city a breeze.

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