Shinese Perinon
Cimarron Casino Cimarron Casino
Perkins, Oklahoma
"Shinese Perinon"
Certain security are racist. They were following us around the whole evening and while I went to give the karoke dj my song request they question my bf and demanded his id. We've been there several times and never once been ask to provide our id and were all at legal age. They waited untill he was by himself to approach him. Then said the whole party has to leave we can't be on the premises. When I ask why calmly why she checked him she said just because. When I explained we've been here several times and never once been asked her co worker said they entitle to do it just because. When I questioned why only him why not me or my sister or our friend they said they can question whomever they please. They told us(my African American mother, boyfriend, sister,and me )we had to leave but not our white friend.

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