Ruben Martin
Zia Park Casino Zia Park Casino
Hobbs, New Mexico
"Ruben Martin"
I have visited many casinos throughout the Southwest from Hobbs to Arizona, California, Las Vegas and all of New Mexico and this one fits the same profile as 85% of the rest. Get this in your selfish little heads, CASINOS ARE THERE TO MAKE MONEY, NOT GIVE IT AWAY!!!!!!!!!!! Zia is decent, the motel is above average, the food service and menus available are below par. There are not a lot of slots to play, but they are decent. However, yes there is a lot of smoke in there. I am not a gambler nor a greedy person. So when I go to ANY casino it is with the intention of having a good time. I limit myself to how much I am going to spend or how long I will be in there playing. I have found out that I do pretty well when I bet little, win little and have a great time for a couple of hours. Whenever I get greedy and get carried away by the noise of the machines I wind up losing what I shouldn't be betting. I am sensible and know my limitations. It is easy to check on line to see how slot machines operate and how they pay. It is all random! It has nothing to do with skill or LUCK. You can put in $5000 and win nothing, or put in like I do sometimes $.40 bet per spin and win a couple of hundred. Don't complain to the Casino for not giving you money. It is a high risk gamble as with all casinos. I have virtually played 90% of the New Mexico Casinos and they are all about the same when it comes to paying jackpots. I personally like Inn of the Mountain Gods, the air in there is fresher and the motel is clean. However, they have really gotten stingy and don't give away good deals on staying overnight at the Casino, also their restaurants have been downgraded in both quality and service. I have really enjoyed going to Albuquerque because I can choose from several casinos in the area, but they are all the same in paying out, except for the service and food service it is slightly better. Altogether, if I remember correctly I am about 65% percent on the winning side and about 35% on the losing side on slot machines on all casinos in N.M. And, that's because I am not greedy, I bet little, win little and am not greedy. Whatever I win I don't put it back into the machine, I only play with what I took. I don't need the jackpot to be happy, I don't have to be in a casino to enjoy my life. I go to a casino to get away and grab a bite, then some limited time for enjoyment on the slot machines. Try it yourself, you will be a lot happier and richer. Want to make a huge donation and keep the Casino in business, then keep wasting your money on dreaming about the big jackpot. Get a life and enjoy the Casino for what it is.