Brian B
Golden Castle Casino and Hotel Golden Castle Casino and Hotel
"Brian B"
It's a fairly standard big hotel and casino. We spent our first 10 minutes after check-in wandering around with our luggage trying to find our room. It's very big and the signage is very broadly spaced. Once you get used to it, you can find your way around, but when you first get there it's very confusing to find anything. It's also difficult to find the exit you want (although that may be deliberate because they want people to stay inside). I found a compass more useful than the signs. The outside has a cute fairy tale castle motif but the inside is "standard Vegas casino" decor with a few minor touches like chintzy suits of armor added in the corners almost as an afterthought. The rooms were clean, spacious, and comfortable, but I've seen mini golf courses and 3-screen movie theaters with more elaborate Camelot-themed decor. If you don't go to the jousting show, the theme is pretty easy to overlook.