Gary Collins
Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino
"Gary Collins"
If I could give this place negative stars I would. The absolute WORST experience I have ever had. They need to re-train management on how to talk and treat guest. Met with the so called GM and he was cold and not pleasant at all. Just made assumptions about the incident. Made it seem like I did it on purpose or with malice. First the shower doors are Glass, and ours didn't have the stop to keep the door from slamming into the wall. Well, ours slammed into the wall and shattered all over me and my Gf, caused me to get stitches in my elbow, and Ankle, thus stopping me from getting into any water (ocean or pool), and then they charged me for the cost of the door and for carpet cleaning. They stated that I slammed the door and caused it to break. No sympathy or compassion from management. Then the days after that, NO ONE came to check on us and management won't even speak to us. Second, we had to cancel our planned and paid for excursions (snuba, water park, key skis) cause I can't get into water. 3rd, I have tried to speak to several managers to see if they would change their tune and just got colder and colder responses. Aruba is beautiful, just wish I got to experience it like we wanted to.