Will Manning
Crocodile Bay Resort Crocodile Bay Resort
Puerto Jimenez
"Will Manning"
From the time we arrived at Puerto Jimenez airport, to the time we left, everybody at Crocodile Bay made us feel welcomed and at ease. A big thank you goes out to Anthony, Johnny and Andre with doing all the hard work for us while we were fishing for sailfish for the first time. We had a great time and I learned a lot by watching. We also want to thank Dennis for being an awesome guide on two EcoTours. The cocoa farm was extremely informative, as a mention, you will learn how a home remedy for foot rot helps save a tree. Enjoy the taste of the freshest chocolate you will ever eat and help make some for the next visitor. (Para Herman y su familia: Muchas gracias para entrada.) Dennis was also Crocodile Bay's liaison for the Zip line tour. Learn a little about native fauna and hopefully you'll see a sloth or two. The equipment is in great condition and safety was their number one priority. Also, Dennis is a professional nature photographer. Have a great camera but don't know how to get the best use out of it? Ask Dennis and he'll give you a lesson or three. Another Thank You heads to Alberto. Alberto was Crocodile Bay's liaison on the mountain horseback EcoTour. (Para Alberto: continuar la difusión de la idea de que las políticas gubernamentales que ayudan a la madre naturaleza no debe perjudicar a los pobres y la clase trabajadora. Felix: Echo de menos el caballo gris) We haven't forgotten our friend, Diego. He was our EcoTour guide for snorkeling and the night time critter watching. Thank you for your patience and your enthusiasm. During our stay, we enjoyed a couples massage and we also enjoyed individual treatments. The masseuses are trained physical and occupational therapists, so when I say they are magnificent at what they do, know that I don't say it lightly. Oh, and my wife suggests that the all the ladies should experience a Chocolate wrap at least once in their lives. When you stay at Crocodile Bay, I hope you meet Miss Olimpia. Who, I think is a Bob Marley fan, will mother and spoil you at the same time. None of this would have been nearly as enjoyable, had it not been for the friendly people that will cater to almost every whim. They will see that you get what you ask for, unless you ask for the impossible or absurd (por ejemplo: pechugas de camerones o pezones de tortugas), and do it in such a way that is unforgettable and seemingly magical. Steiffer, Genny, Flor, Maria and everyone that works behind the scenes; thank you for everything that you do. (Para Flor: gracias por recordar que como huevos revueltos, salchichas y papas para el desayuno. Para Louis: gracias por enseñarme un poco de la lengua de signos.) Last, though certainly not least, we want to thank Juan for being an exceptional ambassador for Crocodile Bay. He was the first person that greeted us at the Puerto Jiménez airport and the last person to see us off. Thank you for waiting until the plane left the ground and waving back as we waved. Little things like that do, indeed, make a big impact. The best advice I can give anybody visiting Crocodile Bay is to wake up before dawn, sit at the pool and watch the world wake up. In those brief moments, the illusions of the world and your worries, will simply fly away like a hummingbird.