John Mason
Coeur D'Alene Casino Resort Hotel
Worley, Idaho
"John Mason"
This is a review on everything else, besides the gambling. First, the environment. Quiet, especially outside the main building. The far end features a storytelling area, a little museum of the history of the tribe. Further out is the golf course, and it's lodge. We ate at Chinook, and the buffet. Both were top quality. Can always improve an experience, and management seemed genuinely interested in considerate, constructive comments. With so many casinos going up or expanding, it's important to take this prime real estate, and continue to craft the renewing and relaxing experience. The staff and directorship seem to be doing this at CDA Casino, and I hope they continue to pursue this excellence first. I especially liked the lack of snobbery, so common in the smaller town I was from. It was a breath of fresh air to find down-to-earth and professional, knowledgeable staff. People had positive attitudes overall. While I don't smoke or gamble, in today's world where these elitist freaks are telling us how to live as consenting adults, it was nice to know none of them were at the casino. That, was worth gold.