Donald Golden
Ramkota Best Western Ramkota Best Western
Bismarck, North Dakota
"Donald Golden"
Don't let the nice looking lobby fool you the rest of the hotel is not that clean looking. A heads up there is no elevator. Which after a long drive(8hrs) sucks having to make multiple trips up and down the stairs. Also the halls feel like your in the Shining(could be good I guess) but it's easy to get lost as all the hallways look the same. The pillows suck since they all just balled up on us. If your an adult wanting to relax in the hot tub forget it. The hot tubs are tiny. The water park is great for younger kids as it starts at 6 inches and goes to 3 1/2 feet where you come out of the water slides. Staff park up front so good luck finding parking spots up close. Warning if you use your debit card they will put a $25 a day hold on your account and they don't tell you it can happen. I looked at my account and saw it. When I asked the front desk the lady said let me get the accountant as she didn't have access to that screen. The accountant was standing in the gift shop and looked at us and said what do you need. So the lady informed her what was going on she then seemed upset she had to do something said let me put these away. She was rude with me the whole time and as I was already very irritated her attitude did not help. And when she said to me , "You authorized us to charge your card."(I paid for the room a month earlier) I informed that I did not. She walked away behind the door doesn't say anything. Next the new Manager comes out. She was very nice and explained what was going on that some debit card get this fee held on there cards but they drop off 3-5 days after check out.