Kit Graham
Riu Guanacaste Hotel and Casino Riu Guanacaste Hotel and Casino
"Kit Graham"
Unfortunately you can't give a hotel 0 stars. This place is a nightmare. We couldn't check in early, because the room was being cleaned - totally understandable - but they didn't clean the room! It was filthy! There were piles of dirt in both sinks, the toilet clearly hadn't been cleaned in some time, and the trash hadn't even been taken out! The hotel was crowded - apparently they give locals dirt cheap rates and let them pile into rooms. We saw 14 people check into 2 rooms - something that wouldn't be allowed at an upscale resort. As a result kids are running around everywhere. The food was TERRIBLE. We even heard about people having their valuables stolen from their safes and from the rooms at night. The fact that there was no way to securely lock the doors from the inside (no bolts) made us feel very unsafe. We left after 1 hour and moved to an actual 4 star hotel. They claim to be 4 or 5 stars but are definitely a 2 star experience. When we complained no one cared.