Tyler Mackenzie
Cal Neva Nevadan Tower Cal Neva Nevadan Tower
Reno, Nevada
"Tyler Mackenzie"
Two months ago, I would have given this place 5 stars. Since then, they've been bought by a group that is anti-pets and service animals. The hotel asks for paperwork that the ADA says shouldn't be asked for, and even though I "have it on file" according to my host- security will now accost anyone with a service animal after walking in the door. It's degrading as a human being, to have your medical history judged by a security guard that refuses to speak with hotel staff and verify paperwork is on file. Speaking with a manager only brings false promises of, "It won't happen again"- anything to get you to keep playing there. As for their rooms? DUSTY! DIRTY! PLUMBING PROBLEMS! And I don't know if they're using bug spray or a weird cleaning product but the hotel STINKS in the earlier parts of the day when the cleaning crew is around (didn't always used to be like that). I can't walk barefoot on the carpet because it's so old and gross and you just know it hasn't really been cleaned in months (ever? Again- SO. MUCH. DUST!). Windows and mirrors are smudged and dirty, so any view you once had is now marred by dirt streaks. I don't care if the rooms are comped- they're GROSS. Oh the pictures I have of mold and holes in ceilings and just so many gross things!!! It used to not be like this!!! Same for the food- it used to be great!!! I've gotten mild cases (yes, plural) from bad shrimp at the buffet. I've seen them recycle food several times a week, seemingly adding more salt every time, to try and hide the aging taste. The cafe tends to not have enough wait staff and you'll wait longer than you have to for beverages, let alone food. Starbucks has been closing at least an hour earlier than they're supposed to. They used to have great food and service, but just try to go downstairs to the pavilion- their whole business seems to be about decreasing expenses and increasing profits, to the point that even the heating and air conditioning is always too hot or too cold (to save a few bucks). The staff is mostly helpful, but they've got a bunch of new security people that don't care if you're in high limits or pennies- they're looking for anything and will give you the boot for anything they choose. I've had so many good memories at the Nugget, but they've changed things in a way that isn't inviting to longtime patrons, nor is it inviting to people with disabilities or health issues. I feel so duped for giving them so many chances since they've been bought out, but it's just terrible now. There is not one, single area that I can recommend anymore. For those of you reading this far, please know I just sent yet another email off to my hostess about my experience, but the only thing I ever get in return are false promises (again, they just want people to keep playing). It's a complete waste of money here, and even the machines don't pay out like they used to. So sad how bad this place has gotten!!!