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The M Resort The M Resort
Henderson, Nevada
"keva vA"
Pool review only: We had a bed in the center of the pool. That was cool, 5 stars for that. 5 stars for the food, the quality is excellent. It's pricey though.. but whatever. The service...this is where I'm torn..our server was nice but forgetful... she'd tell us she was going to be right back with more ice or whatever..we wouldn't see her for 20 min.. our drinks were melting being in the direct sun... we dropped a couple hundred just on drinks and food in total... The food took over 40 min from ordering to receiving it...the pool wasn't that busy for a Wednesday. The server blamed the ice not coming sooner on someone else when she was the one saying she'd bring it..I was confused by that. Also..there's an 18% automatic gratuity but then there's still a ticket with a tip line to trick you so PAY ATTENTION. Honestly for good service I tip 20-25% but I was kind of insulted for the time it took for everything... I would have tipped MUCH less than 18% for this round and would have definitely had them remove that immediately (because legally NO BUSINESS HAS A RIGHT TO MAKE YOU PAY A TIP) if it weren't for the fact that the food was THAT good. Lastly, There's not a lot of shade around the pool so, even the cabanas are extra hot from all the concrete radiating the heat. Be prepared to burn to death.