Nancy miller
Cliff Castle Casino Hotel Cliff Castle Casino Hotel
Camp Verde, Arizona
"Nancy miller"
Noticed a racist woman in Johnny Rocker cafe mistreating an elder and then calling security on the woman after the woman said something to the effect thank you for laughing at my expense. Suddenly, white security tried to get confrontational with the woman, however, the woman stayed the same as when she defended herself and only spoke to a tribal member which had her side, but, that did not stop racist whity from going after the woman any place she visited plain dressed security went in to start trouble for the woman because my God the woman dared to defend herself against a white racist laughing at her. Lastly, do not ever let your loved one go alone anywhere due to the recent racist shootings and if loved ones must go somewhere alone know where they are, also, make sure they are always insight of other people and by all means trust tribal members because they are civil and will be sure to protect you if they have too. They also have video surveillance which will prove your side against racist actions or accusations to create harm to brown customers. Note: one bad review is against racist because it will be very risky to return since security is white and enjoy being confrontational against people brown people.