Faiad Shaban
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"Faiad Shaban"
Casino is very old school, machines look like they are from the 1980's...As you walk in you can't help but notice a group of protesters picketing against the owners and Trump. The Staff is scarce... Like a ghosttown, except for the pit bosses who skulk round like predators ready to pounce on anyone out of line. The few scraggly regulars maybe 70 people which is surprising considering the sheer size out of the facility....Actually most of the buildings in Atlantic City are like ruins of the old casino monoliths from the MOB days. Except about 65% of them are permanently shut down. you can see the fingerprint marks and dust on the glass from many years of abandonment. Anywho, the machines are hard to use, instructions are vague winning combinations seem pretty convoluted... Maybe to keep you unaware of the winning process. Which still confuses me considering the crowd consists of mostly elderly people. However once you make it to the boards, dispite the skeleton crew the staff is able to lighten the mood. The Waitresses that usually bring complimbringy beverages to gamblers are suddenly charging. The few games I played on roulette were enjoyable, everyone was really pleasant the dealer included. An Overall 4 of 10 rating. Caesar's is much better. And the Taj Mahal is also at the opposite end of the boardwalk. it's quite a distance walking and the other side is much more lively and inviting.