Odester Hepburn
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"Odester Hepburn"
This hotel does not believe in any type of customer service. During check in the front desk associate advise that she would be charging the incidental fees at the beginning. I went to get my card from the car and when I came back she rudely stated that I needed to go to the back of the line and tossed my driver license at me. I advise that if she would have set the expectation that I had to go back to the line at the beginning it would have been fine. She started to argue with me so I told her to please don't talk to me. I then asked the concierge to please get the manager. As I was waiting for the manager I asked her the eta on the manager coming out, the concierge advise me that I should have gotten back in line and checked in. I stated that I will not be accepting bad customer service, she then cut me off and would not let me speak. So I asked her to point out the manager to me and I walked over to the manager myself. After that I went up to her and she stated that she was not the manager and that she would get her for me. The manager finally came out and to my surprise she said no one had requested her help. The concierge person lied and never got the manager for me. The manager apologized but nothing was done regarding the employees who were disrespectful. They gave us 2 free spa passes......that were not even good for massages even though I specifically asked could we use them for massages. This is the worse hotel I have ever stayed at. Terrible customer service, dirty rooms, the faucet did not work, and no type of accountability for their employees and how they treat customers.