Michelle Hammer
Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Michelle Hammer"
Want to get ripped off? Stay here. Want to be ignored when you try to get the problem resolved? Then this is the place. Biggest complaint, among a lot, is the fact that I was charged for TOUCHING drinks in the mini fridge....NOT DRINKING OR OPENING THEM, but moving them! Let me say this again in case that sounds too crazy to be true... I WAS CHARGED $120 FOR MOVING DRINKS IN THE FRIDGE! !! So, let me get this straight.....the hotel puts a mini fridge in your room full of over priced items, and if you choose to not drink it but place a few of your own water bottles in, they will charge you because you touched their drinks!! I paid for that room, not just most of the room or everything but the fridge....if I can't use the fridge, then get it out of the ROOM I PAID FOR!! And no one wants to resolve this issue for me! They take money from my bank account for things I didn't buy, then ignore me about it! In my world, if you take money without giving something in return, that's stealing right? Horrible nasty greedy thieves....so go ahead, stay here if you have money to burn and want to get screwed over. This was just ONE of the issues we had here.