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Jul 31 '16 at 21:50

Kev 1

Lady Luck Casino - Caruthersville

Kev 1
The place is decent, albeit a bit smokey. With three separate zones, and a small number of smokers that were there, you'd think that they could set up an area for the smokers with good filtration. Staff at the casino was nice, played a good long while off forty bucks. All that means nothing after my shuttle ride back. I hopped in, then the driver tried to drive off as a couple were walking up to the van. She appeared to have painful knees, but was moving well, strait for the door of the shuttle. I told the driver they obviously are expecting a ride, he stopped. Then he chastised them for walking too slow, making him think they didn't need a ride. He dropped them off first, made a remark to me that he was surprised that with them being black people, they owned a Nissan since he owns a Nissan. He had pulled up by a couple of Escalades assuming one was their's (they were well dressed). Then started educating me about how them there black people normally buy cars that even he couldn't afford the payments on. Then as we're driving through town he feels a need to educate me on one of them there black women he passed on the street by the pharmacy that he felt needed to get a job at the casino (somehow he found out (or assumed) her life story as he passed her, told me all about her). Explained how she was on welfare living the good life (like many of "them") and he's slaved for 40 some years. Said his wife worked at the casino for 19 years, and he wanted something to do so he got a shuttle job. He tried a couple more angles to educate me. Seriously, please, I'd much rather ride with his fictitious lady from downtown if I were to visit again. Please don't post that you expect me to call and fix your issues, you handle this one....