Eric Conte
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"Eric Conte"
We had a great time at the resort & met some really great friendly staff members. Nobu in particular had great food, but as most of the other restaurants had horrible service. Although the waitress was friendly, she was likely overwhelmed with tables because we waited at least 20 mins just to get drinks & the food also took forever to arrive. After we were served no one came to check on us. I actually had to get up & walk to the bar for a refill because we couldn't get anyone's attention. The issue might be that the tip is already included. We also had an issue with a casino pass we were given. A manager at the restaurant argued with us & insisted that we needed to pay for a sampler that was included on a casino pass & that the waitress told us would be complimentary. After waiting 50 mins when we tried to cancel our order, we were told it was already put in & it is to late to cancel because it is on the way. At Olives the service was just as bad. The waitress was not to be found, lucky we found a friendly busboy to at provide friendly service. The busboy told us that one of the chefs got sick & left, yet we were never offered anything for our 1hr wait for food. Every drink we ordered was on the bill, you would think as a courtesy drinks (at least 1) would be comped. Our housekeeping staff at The Cove were all very friendly & went above & beyond. Shuttle bus drivers were also very friendly. Not one restaurant had good service. The price did not match the level of service. I have had better service at local diners.