Spirit Mountain Casino Spirit Mountain Casino
Grand Ronde, Oregon
Stayed overnight with family and friends. I hadn't been for a while but I feel it has really gone down hill from the last time I stayed. The place was very dirty the glasses in the room had lipstick on them. The bathroom mirror had crap from someone flossing their teeth. We were going to ask for another room but we were too tired to do a switch. They said the reason the room was so dusty was the dark furniture but when I pulled out the glass and handed it to them they discounted the room a small amount and said they were sorry. We ate at the buffet and I suppose since I was the only one who ate the seafood pasta I was the one who got the food poisoning. Family warned me not to eat it but did I listen. That was the final straw. Never going back. Sticky stinky dirty mess. Too bad we always loved to go there on the way to the beach. Yucky??