Matteo Giovanni
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"Matteo Giovanni"
On a positive note, the room was great, the service was good and the quality of the room service food was good but for me the negatives far outweighed the positives. The layout of this hotel is the worst I've ever seen. There is a huge casino between the lobby and the elevator to the rooms. You need to walk about 250metres from the lobby to the elevators. If you have persons under 21 years who aren't allowed in the casino then you need to navigate through a maze of shopping arcades and canals adding to that already inconvenient walk. One wrong turn could add 5 minutes of extra walking. The pool is over 300metres from the elevators and the gym about 200. The place is also very crowded with loud and sometimes obnoxious guests with very little concept of social etiquette. Finding a vacant table at the food court is like winning the lottery. Chances are very slim. Also everthing is so overpriced not only in the hotel complex but the whole area too, and I come from Melbourne, Australia which is a very expensive city! Also not a 100% sure but it looked like there was no alcohol allowed on the casino floor which I think is weird. Maybe a local law? So if you don't mind walking miles through crowded walkways every day to get in and out of the place and paying exorbitant prices for food and retail then this is for you. If not I suggest you look elsewhere. Sorry Venetian, it's a no go next time.