Jay Runner
DoubleTree Cariari San Jose Hotel and Casino DoubleTree Cariari San Jose Hotel and Casino
"Jay Runner"
Really disappointed. Doubletree hotels are usually pretty consistent, but this one was not. I got a "good deal" on the price, otherwise it may have been lower than 3 stars. The lobby and approach to the room, and many of th common areas were very nice, but the rooms are a different story. Cracks in the ceiling, the heat does not work in ANY of the rooms (front desk told me when I requested a new room), leaky bathroom fixtures, disgustingly dirty filters and vents, and a lovely view of the ditch and road. . Bed was nice and seemed clean, but no small fridge and limited bathroom towels for 2 guests. . Also, cookies were a bit burned when we arrived, whuch was ok since we were wet and cold and our heat didn't work ?? Went to the pool side bar to get a couple of basic 8oz drinks, a rocks margarita and a piña colada, expecting higher prices but not asking (my mistake). $22 later, I could have bought a bottle of rum, a coconut and a pineapple and had drinks all night for that price! Keep in mind, nothing special about either of these cocktails... 3 ingredients, a plastic cup and some ice... Oof. Service was pleasant, but not out of their way to serve you... You had to want it. All in all, this stay was more like a Holiday Inn experience, but with burned cookies and no free breakfast. Next time I will either upgrade to stay at the Marriott {5 stars!} or try a budget hotel and save some cash. Unless they put some serious effort into fixing the rooms and sime if their pricing, thus is a firm PASS for me on my next go.