Georgi Scholz
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Jacksonville, FL
"Georgi Scholz"
I guess you could say I am a "regular" out at the Victory II I sail with them about 2 nights a week. I have my own business & work from home & this is a fun way for me to get out & get a break from work. I ADORE the staff.. I have gotten to know quite a few of the dealers, Lynette & Mike & Pit Boss Jerry never fail to welcome me & make me feel like part of the family.. the waitresses are always on point & keep my coke filled. There have been a lot of complaints about the food, but don't be deterred.. It is an ala cart menu, meaning, if you want a sandwich or some wings or a salad, it's great. If you want a 4 course dinner..have it before you come onboard..there is a fantastic seafood restaurant right next door..(get there EARLY, as there is always a crowd) I too, miss the buffet, the few times I had it, the food was fantastic.. prime rib, awesome sides & all you could eat desserts!! Hopefully they bring it back! The entertainment is FREE & I enjoy listening to the different live acts going & coming into international waters. What I truly go for though is the Roulette! :) But what has kept me coming back is the awesome staff!! This is a GAMBLING Cruise... The tables are great, the dealers are friendly & knowledgeable & gracious. There is always staff on board working in the bathrooms keeping them clean. They always let you know when they are expecting rough seas & they also always offer remedies to help you deal with that if you decide to go on board anyway. I also enjoy being welcomed aboard by the staff as I enter the ship. This is not the Hard Rock, but it is a fantastic local business I am glad to support. Keep your expectations where they should be.. this is not a dinner cruise, made for romance & celebrating your 25th anniversary with a 5 star meal, entertainment & ambiance. It is a gambling cruise & meant to be fun for those of us who enjoy getting away for a few hours & having a little fun with our money, a few drinks (which are FREE while the casino is open) and a break from the pressures of everyday life. If you get hungry, you can grab a little something to eat too. Kudo's to the Captain & Crew of the Victory II!! You all are AWESOME!!