Kelly Holtzer
Golden Buffalo Casino & Resort Golden Buffalo Casino & Resort
Lower Brule, South Dakota
"Kelly Holtzer"
I just stayed at Buffalo Bills on 8/5 &8/6/2016. I had made my reservations at least 2 months in advance. I really wish i had read the review first, I wound not of stayed there. This place is not taken care of and most of the places to eat are not even open there any more. It took me 3 phone calls and 2.5 hours later to just get them to send someone up to change out the battery in the smoke alarm so it would stop the beeping so we could get some sleep. The Ice machine on my floor sis not work and when we asked about that, well there are ice machines on other floors. To top this all off, I checked out at the desk and got my receipt, not I see that they have charged more to my cc then my reservation stated and even what my receipt shows upon check out. If you dont care about dirty carpets and burns all over the place, equipment that does not work and nightstand drawers that have the handles either gone or broken then this is the place to go, other wise steer clear of this place. This was my first and last time i will ever go there. I guess I should feel lucky that at least the bed was comfortable.