Toni Orth
Grand Portage Lodge & Casino
Grand Portage, Minnesota
"Toni Orth"
Do not stay at this place. It's worth the 34 Mile drive to grand marais to stay at a place where people actually care about anything. The restaurant does not employ people who care about anything let alone feeding people. We waited an hour before even part of our order started to come out and then it was not correct. The food was not very good. The entire place reeked of smoke and sullen employees did their best to avoid anything resembling human contact. The lodge was being renovated but not much work seemed to be progressing. The elevators were out of service and the stairwells were being used as garbage storage. Not construction garbage but nasty smelling food garbage. Despite this, the rooms were nice and quiet, good sized, and the linens were some of the best I've ever had.