mike mitchell
Ellis Island Casino & Brewery Ellis Island Casino & Brewery
Las Vegas, Nevada
"mike mitchell"
This place is quite busy all the time. It doesn't look like a fancy vegas restaurant but man for the money, this place is truly the best. I ordered their steak and shrimp..DELICIOUS. side salad potato and green beans with their house beer...the beer was actually really really good...if you want a GOOD beer that isn't one of those popular watery brands. go here,,you don't want fancy shmansy big plates little food, go here. they have big plates , with big food and the price is really reasonable..i don't get all the negative reviews, this place is great..the wait though is bit of a pain..and the people waiting make you feel as though your in an old folks line at the buffet, but once you get called up,,its worth it, give yourself half to an hour wait..best visited,hungry, thirsty or late nite munchies..my servers were very good. didn't bug me were prompt and smiling.