Glenda Gleed
Yakama Nation Legends Casino
Toppenish, Washington
"Glenda Gleed"
Yakima nation legends casino has got to be the worst of the few casinos in Washington state. I have played there many times and the max I have won was 500 while playing large bets. Their machines don't pay much more than 1500 for jackpots and I have only seen a hand full or 2 of larger jackpots. Their machines do not pay well at all. I've heard this from many people. They also had this experience as well. Id rather drive to Snoqualmie or muckleshoot. They have some well paying machines and bigger jackpots on a regular basis. Legends is very greedy! Guess someone has to pay for that hotel going up bc we sure aren't being reimbursed or winning there that's for sure! Also their beverage waiters are rude. They get mad if u walk up to them and ask for a drink. They ignore you and keep asking others who are sitting down. Just bc I'm taking a break from gambling you cannot serve me? One lady even commented that they always have ppl like us coming up instead of going to the beverage bars which were clearly across the casino from my location. Overall bad casino and smelly too!