Traci Palm
Golden Buffalo Casino & Resort Golden Buffalo Casino & Resort
Lower Brule, South Dakota
"Traci Palm"
First of all I want to say that my mom and I have brought my children here every year for the past seven years for annual school shopping at the mall and to stay and play at this hotel. We have always reserved a connecting room to accommodate all 5 of us. When were arrived we were told there was an event going on and that they do not have connecting rooms. I told the lady that we have always stayed in a connecting room. Then she said that connecting rooms are just a 'request' and its first come, first served. My mom told her that the reservation was made over two weeks before. We asked to speak to a manager and right away the manager approached us acting irritated. She said she would gladly put us in separate rooms but not next to each other but connecting rooms weren't possible. She then said we could check in every two minutes if we wanted to and see if anything becomes available. Ridiculous! I told her I was very upset by her sarcasm and she responded, "I'm not sarcastic ma'am!!' Then she told me she can put us in a room off the property, down the freeway about 10 minutes away. Really? Now my kids wouldn't enjoy the arcade, log ride, etc that we do every year. Finally, after about 20 minutes a room became available. Low and behold- it was a connecting room. When we went in, the room smelled like sewer, the door to the bathroom was broken and we couldn't close it, the sink wouldnt turn on and the toilet handle was loose so it wouldn't flush easily. Needless to say, we could only use one of the bathrooms. I guess that's what we get for expressing disappointment to a manager. We have decided to tuck away our past memories of this place and move on to another location next year. Very disappointing.